Luxury Stores Allow Looting To Avoid Being Called Racist

Luxury Stores Allow Looting To Avoid Being Called Racist

In New York, luxury stores like Gucci and Burberry are telling their paid security guards to allow looters to steal expensive items so that they will avoid being called “racist”.

I can’t make this stuff up.

This all started in May, when George Floyd most likely overdosed on fentanyl while in police custody. As we have all seen for nearly six months now, this led to a free pass for rioting and looting. For example, the high-end ‘Celine’ store was looted of $1.5 million in merchandise!

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And now, woke liberals have scared these companies so much that they are actually willingly telling their security to stand down. It makes you wonder if they are also intentionally leaving items out so that they are easier for the BLM “protestors” to steal.

Despite paying extra costs to hire security guards to protect their stores, these luxury brands know that “peaceful protestors” really enjoy expensive handbags, shoes, and jewelry. You know….the essentials

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