Low-key Biden needs to sell his vaccine push and spending package

Low-key Biden needs to sell his vaccine push and spending package

President Joe Biden is delivering on his campaign promise to govern without Donald Trump’s freewheeling antics, opting for scripted remarks over the former president’s off-the-cuff tweets and frequent sparring sessions with reporters.

While Trump’s critics may appreciate the change of tone and pace, Biden needs to capture the public’s attention if he wants to encourage vaccine skeptics to roll up their sleeves or gin up support for his proposals to spend trillions of dollars on infrastructure projects and liberal social welfare programs.


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Biden is in the middle of a countrywide “Back on Track” tour to build momentum around his American Jobs and Families plans, estimated to cost $4 trillion. But at a stop in Virginia this week, his rambling address did little more than provide fodder for Republican operatives to mock him for mistakenly saying “anybody making less than $400,000 a year” would “not pay a single

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