Louisiana power lines explode in shocking video

Louisiana power lines explode in shocking video

Shocking new video shows power lines in storm-plagued Louisiana explode in a burst of flames and sparks when they made contact with a frozen tree branch.

The footage, shot Wednesday in Baton Rouge and posted Thursday on the video-sharing site newsflare.com, shows the power lines first start to flare up, followed by a large blast of sparks that light up the night sky.

This is the shocking footage of a powerline in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, exploding on Feb. 17 after contacting a frozen tree branch weighed down from the recent historic snowfall.Newsflare

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The homeowner who shot the footage, identified only as Dexter, told Newsflare that he reported that the branch was sitting on the power lines three days earlier.

But before crews showed up to repair it power was restored in the neighborhood, sparking the blast outside his home.

A still image from the power line explosion.Newsflare

The electrifying mishap comes as Louisiana and much of the southern US

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