Lonergan: Cuban Protests Reveal Biden’s Border Hypocrisy

Lonergan: Cuban Protests Reveal Biden’s Border Hypocrisy

Six months into what has quickly become the most partisan, chaotic and dysfunctional presidency in modern American history, some undeniable truths are starting to emerge.

One is that, while the Biden administration can depend on their fellow travelers in the U.S. media to spin domestic news to their benefit, they are helpless when international events occur that expose this White House’s duplicity and incompetence.

This was on display last month during Kamala Harris’s train wreck of a mission to Guatemala. She was greeted with protesters telling her to go home. The president of Guatemala called out the administration for worsening the border crisis, and Harris looked evasive and unserious when confronted with even softball questions by media allies.

It is happening again as a result of recent events in the Caribbean. The president of Haiti was assassinated in his home, leading one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere

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