LOL! FiveThirtyEight Gives Biden 87% Chance of Winning!

LOL! FiveThirtyEight Gives Biden 87% Chance of Winning!

FiveThirtyEight is making the Fake News suppression polls look tame:

The organization knows that polls in the ’16 Election Cycle were embarrassingly wrong. 

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But don’t worry, THIS TIME you can trust ’em!

From FiveThirtyEight.Com:

Today marks the third day of confirmation hearings for President Trump’s latest Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. But the hearings haven’t produced anything yet that seems likely to affect the election. Barrett has been careful not to answer questions about how she would rule on hot-button issues such as abortion and the Affordable Care Act. (Though it’s not really a mystery where she sits ideologically — she is very conservative.) Meanwhile, Trump is running out of time. Joe Biden leads by double digits in national polls, and state-level polling is only slightly closer.

Should you trust the polls this year? Yes. But we understand that many people have lingering questions after 2016, even though Trump

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