Lockdowns Should Be ‘Very, Very Last Resort,’ WHO Says

Lockdowns Should Be ‘Very, Very Last Resort,’ WHO Says

The World Health Organization’s European office warned governments against implementing full-scale lockdowns Thursday as news cases continue spiking.

Instead of lockdowns, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) regional director for Europe Dr. Hans Kluge recommended targeted measures, according to CNBC. New coronavirus cases in Europe have been steadily increasing in recent weeks causing nations to begin implementing renewed restrictions.

“A proportional and targeted response is the way forward,” Kluge said Thursday, CNBC reported. “Measures or tightening up in many countries in Europe … are appropriate and necessary responses to what the data is telling us.” (RELATED: ‘A Tipping Point’: Europe Overtakes US In New Coronavirus Cases)

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He continued: “It is never too late (to tighten measures) but of course, definitely, we are concerned. In general, this is the time to step up the restrictive measures … with lockdowns as a very, very last resort. We know much better than in March what can, and needs, to be done.”

A woman walks among thousands of Spanish flags, representing the Spanish victims of coronavirus, on Patacona beach in Valencia, on Oct. 4. (Jose Jordan/AFP via Getty Images)

A woman walks among thousands of Spanish

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