Liz Cheney's lonely fight against Trump clouds future

Liz Cheney's lonely fight against Trump clouds future

Rep. Liz Cheney is perplexing Republican colleagues who understand the Wyoming congresswoman’s determination to purge former President Donald Trump from the GOP but question an approach that is alienating allies and jeopardizing her future in House leadership.

Cheney’s desire to sideline Trump is not the problem. Many House Republicans privately share the sentiment. It’s the congresswoman’s prickly outspokenness and combination of how, when, and where she airs her views of the former president and his role in the party that is frustrating even some admirers. House Republicans are focused on recapturing the majority in 2022. Antagonizing Trump and dividing the conference, internally and from its core voting base, are incompatible with that overriding objective.

Off-message commentary from random, rank-and-file members is expected. But Cheney is the elected conference chairwoman, the No. 3 ranking House GOP leader. Many Republicans find Cheney’s dogged criticism of Trump, and the uncomfortable position it puts them in, disconcerting. For an ambitious politician

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