Lisa Murkowski: Americans expect an 'orderly' transition

Lisa Murkowski: Americans expect an 'orderly' transition

JUNEAU, Alaska — U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski said President Donald Trump has the right to go to court if he believes there has been evidence of voter fraud. But the Alaska Republican said Thursday it’s important there be evidence to back the allegations and so far, she said, she hasn’t seen any.

Murkowski, in an interview with The Associated Press, said it’s not up to her or Congress to sort that out. It’s up to the courts, she said.

If it were to be shown in states where Trump has mounted legal challenges that some ballots were improperly cast, “the question certainly appears right now whether it’s enough to invalidate enough to erase what has clearly been a Biden victory.”

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“There comes a point, when you look at the litigation that is moving forward and realize that it will be to no gain in terms of changing the outcome of the election,” she said. “Having said that, again, I

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