LIMBAUGH: Trump’s Agenda Must Survive His Presidency

LIMBAUGH: Trump’s Agenda Must Survive His Presidency

I am saddened by what occurred at the nation’s Capitol building on Wednesday. Such mob violence, especially against the nation’s institutions of government, must be firmly and unequivocally condemned.

For my entire lifetime, the Republican Party has been the party of law and order and has zealously honored the Constitution. We must and will continue to be.

Most conservatives are rightly condemning the violence, but it should be noted that this is not typical of people on the Right. We almost never behave this way, and we don’t embrace it.

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Extreme leftists routinely engage in violence. In the last year alone, we have seen widespread leftist violence and the Democratic leadership’s total indifference to it. This is not to excuse the violence or engage in whataboutism; rather, we must recognize the Democrats’ double standard and not enable the false narrative that this is who we are. We also need to determine whether, and the extent to which, antifa types

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