Limbaugh: Modern-Day NBA, Media, Dems Would Say 'Run Him Over!' About Protester in Front of Tank at Tiananmen Square


Thursday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh slammed the NBA, the media and Democrats for the tack each have taken regarding China and a willingness kowtow to the communist regime regarding protesters in Hong Kong.

Let me finish this thought here. Because it’s a good thought. It’s worth finishing. The news cycle here, if you look at this objectively, if you just stand aside, try not to be affected by it, just watch it and judge it, it’s just obscene. Almost all the Drive-By Media, the Democrats, and the NBA players and owners are supporting communist China.

Just like there was this almost magical utopian support for Cuba, which is a repressive, godforsaken regime. But still, it was thought to be the potential utopia on earth. Now the ChiComs have the same kind of adoration from the supposed kings of civil rights, from the supposed kings

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