LIMBAUGH: A Hearty Summer Reading Recommendation: ‘Armstrong Rides Again!’

LIMBAUGH: A Hearty Summer Reading Recommendation: ‘Armstrong Rides Again!’

It’s been a rough year, to say the least, with a global pandemic, the election of the most dangerous, leftist presidential administration ever, and a media and institutional elite in this country who are essentially Marxist functionaries.

Summer and beach reading might provide some needed relief. But before you pack your bags and head to the sun and the sand, here’s a recommendation for a fun book to take along.

It’s a western like no other (except maybe its prequel, “Armstrong,” which I read and much enjoyed a couple of years ago). Written by H.W. Crocker III, it’s called “Armstrong Rides Again!” and it imagines the continuing adventures of George Armstrong Custer after he survived the Battle of the Little Bighorn and became an incognito marshal and soldier of fortune.

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In this tale, he meets up with a few real-life characters such as Black Bart and Ambrose Bierce and gets involved in an entirely make-believe Latin American civil war. The book is

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