Libya: Prominent Women's Rights Activist Killed in Benghazi

Libya: Prominent Women's Rights Activist Killed in Benghazi

A prominent and outspoken lawyer in Benghazi fell victim to an apparent politically motivated killing in the Libyan city on November 10, Human Rights Watch confirmed.

Hanan Al-Barassi had been a vocal critic of eastern Libya’s armed groups, using social media to discuss corruption and criminal activity by these organizations. She regularly directed accusations of assault, rape, and general abuse of women toward the militant groups which occupy the region.

Barassi sustained three bullet wounds in the incident, during which armed assailants initially attempted to kidnap her, the Benghazi Security Directorate said in a statement. Evidently, the kidnapping went south, prompting Barassi’s assailants to kill her instead before fleeing in unmarked vehicles. The Directorate has promised an investigation.

Prior to her death, Barassi stated that she had received death threats and that her daughter had survived an assassination attempt. She further posted the names and information of those who had

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