‘Let’s Make Her Famous’: Joy Behar Slams ‘Human Bobblehead’ From Trump Town Hall

‘Let’s Make Her Famous’: Joy Behar Slams ‘Human Bobblehead’ From Trump Town Hall

Joy Behar slammed the woman who nodded throughout President Donald Trump’s NBC town hall event, calling her a “human bobblehead.”

Behar and her cohosts on ABC’s “The View” responded to Trump’s town hall during a Friday segment, and Behar pointed out the black woman who often appeared in the shot behind Trump, nodding along when he was speaking. (RELATED: ‘We’re Doomed’: Joy Behar Worries A Trump Win Would Be ‘The End Of Democracy’)


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Sara Haines said that she thought the event was at least more informative than the first presidential debate, when Trump squared off with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace moderated.

“One thing I found interesting though was his body language for each voter,” Haines continued. “Whenever a voter got up that was for him, he all Sheryl Sandberg leaned in, like, what do you have to say? If it was someone that wasn’t for him, he looked uncomfortable, inconvenienced, didn’t want to hear what they had to say. It kind of cemented that whole idea that Donald Trump is for anyone that is for Donald Trump.”

“And if you ask the nodder over his shoulder, the

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