Lent In The Time Of Pandemic

Lent In The Time Of Pandemic

This week, Lent is upon us. When the COVID outbreak began nearly a year ago, none of us imagined it could last this long. We have denied ourselves so much in the past 11 months that we have to wonder, is there anything left for us to give up in the Lenten season?

Perhaps this time will be a little different. Perhaps this Lent must be more about what we can give each other. What is it that we need? We need hope.

The Lenten season is always one of hope. The depravations we impose to mirror Christ’s suffering and temptation in the desert lead us to Easter and his glorious rebirth.

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Now, it is all of us who need rebirth. We need gatherings and family, schools and sports, date nights and movies. We need each other again. The experts tell us that April will be a turning point. That by the end of Lent the vaccines will be

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