Legal Immigrant Launches Recall Petition Against Gavin Newsom


A San Diego doctor who came to the U.S. from South America is seeking to oust Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom via the launch of a recall petition to force a special election, saying that the state’s leftist leadership has caused a homelessness crisis in the cities.

“I came here legally at age 11. Having grown up in extreme poverty and being homeless to now being one of San Diego’s most prominent physicians, that’s the American Dream, that’s the California dream. And that’s what Gov. Newsom and left-wingers in the legislature are progressively destroying,” James Veltmeyer told Fox & Friends Monday.

Veltmeyer, who ran twice for Congress in 2016 and 2018, argued the recall would save California taxpayers money, even though the special election would cost the state millions of dollars.

“We are going to be saving a half a billion dollars, and we would be helping our citizens,” Veltmeyer told

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