Leftists Already Pushing Biden To Disband Space Force

Leftists Already Pushing Biden To Disband Space Force

If the far-left wing of the Democratic Party gets its way, the Space Force will come crashing down.

“Nearly three dozen progressive groups have appealed to President-elect Joe Biden to fold up the new Space Force and cancel major weapons, impose a cap on private contractors, and prohibit lobbyists from filling top Pentagon positions, according to a detailed blueprint sent to the transition team,” Politico reported Tuesday.

SpaceNews, which also obtained the memo, reported that “a group of progressive and anti-war organizations” labeled the Space Force — created under President Donald Trump — as an “unnecessary bureaucracy that costs $16 billion in 2021” that has its focus on “militarization rather than cooperation in space.”

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The outlet noted that the $16 billion Space Force budget was taken from the existing Air Force budget.

Sarah Mineiro, an adjunct senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, pointed out that the

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