Leftist Politician Claims Swedish City Govt Too White

Leftist Politician Claims Swedish City Govt Too White

A municipal politician for the Left Party in the Swedish city of Umeå has claimed the local city council is too white due to restrictions put in place during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I walked into a room that before the pandemic used to contain a broader representation, but which was now completely white,” Left Party politician Nasteho Osman Lander said of an August 31st meeting she attended.

According to Osman Lander, the number of participating members in the council had been reduced to 35 in order to help prevent the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. However, parties were still free to choose who participates in the gatherings, Nyheter Idag reports.

“It is in the interests of those in power to strengthen the structures that consolidate the place of white (mainly) men in the hierarchy,” Osman Lander said.

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