Leftism Is A Luxury Good And Its Awful Price Will One Day Be Due

Leftism Is A Luxury Good And Its Awful Price Will One Day Be Due

As the year dawns, the two biggest financial proposals from Democrats are eliminating college loans and repealing the limit on the federal income tax deduction for state and local taxes. If this seems at odds with the traditional leftist rhetoric about helping the poor, that’s because it is.

Twenty-first-century progressivism is a witch’s brew of payouts and tax cuts for the upper-middle class, mixed with bizarre social theories from name-brand universities. The Democratic Party has ignored the farmers, factory workers, miners, and other laborers who once numbered among its most stalwart supporters.

Progressivism — these days best described as leftism — is a luxury good targeted at those who can afford it: college-educated urban and suburban voters. Joe Biden and other Democrats old enough to remember Franklin Roosevelt still talk as though they lead the coalition he built, but increasingly cater to a constituency that bears no resemblance to the working men and women who built the Democratic Party

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