Left Wing Inquisition? Dr.Fowler And The Woke Mob

Left Wing Inquisition? Dr.Fowler And The Woke Mob

Cancel Culture and the Woke mob strike again…..

This time inside of our courts and the medical institution. People can think whatever they will of the case, that’s completely fair, but we cannot start impounding witnesses that we don’t like.

Dr.Fowler came to a different medical conclusion than the other doctors…..that happens all the time in medicine as a field.

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Ever get a second opinion on something from a doctor?

Happens literally all of the time. Doctors regularly differ in opinions and conclusions.

You can agree with the opinion, disagree with it, completely disregard it, or view it as neutral, but auditing records like this? Come on now……

Here is more on the story:

BREAKING: Medical expert outlines how George Floyd experienced a cardiac arrhythmia during police restraint, testifies fentanyl and meth contributed to it as well as carbon monoxide from car exhaust pic.twitter.com/9wpSbeR2A4

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) April 14, 2021

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