Left-Wing Extremists Plan White House Siege Until Election Day

Left-Wing Extremists Plan White House Siege Until Election Day

A group that helped spark the Occupy Wall Street protests of 2011 has called for a siege on the White House from Thursday until Election Day.

Adbusters has issued a call for protesters to descend upon Lafayette Square in Washington this week.

“We will lay siege to the White House,” organizers wrote, illustrating their nonviolent protests with a sea of raised fists outside the White House.

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“And we will sustain it for exactly fifty days,” they added. “September 17th to November 3rd.”

“#WhiteHouseSiege will electrify the U.S. election season — and it doesn’t stop there. Drawing wind from #MeToo, #BLM, #ExtinctionRebellion, and protests against Trump’s lethal bungling of coronavirus, we’ll inspire a global movement of systemic change — a Global Spring — a cultural heave towards a true world order,” the group said.

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Attorney Lin Wood, who helped galvanized the drive to secure legal representation

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