Left-Wing Author: We Need One Billion People to Fight China

Left-Wing Author: We Need One Billion People to Fight China

The government should import more than 500 million migrants to inflate the nation’s geostrategic power against China, according to the left-wing author of a new book.

“To stay on top, we probably need to grow the country threefold [from 330 million] — to one billion Americans,” says an August 31 op-ed by Matthew Yglesias, an elite-leftist progressive founder of Vox.com.

That idea “is the most ludicrous manifestation of a pretty widespread view of immigration as a tool for America’s elite to compete with the rest of the world,” responded Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

Immigration policy should “serve the interests of individual Americans,” rather than the personal interests of globalist advocates, he said, adding:

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For all his flaws, [President Donald] Trump understands that government policy, including the federal immigration program, should be designed to help Americans thrive and live better lives. It is not to play

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