Leaked Data Shows China Was Tracking Non-Chinese Citizens

Leaked Data Shows China Was Tracking Non-Chinese Citizens

The whole world is in danger from China…..

New reports which have surfaced show that the CCP has tracked some foreigners that were in China.

They track their own people which is bad enough, but now this threat has become an issue for anyone visiting China.

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Reports say that the tracking was more than likely due to collection of passport ID’s as well as facial recognition.

Could this be why The CCP has been heavily pushing for digital vaccine passports?

Take a look:

NTD News reported: 

Over 5,000 foreigners were tracked during visits to mainland China between 2017 to 2018, according to the latest data leak from a Chinese institution. Some individuals on the list say they were only in China for a day or were transiting through Shanghai.

One cybersecurity expert says the latest data leak is unique in its

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