Lawmakers nearly come to blows on Capitol Hill

Lawmakers nearly come to blows on Capitol Hill

The violence that broke out on Capitol Hill on Wednesday nearly extended to lawmakers discussing the incident on the House floor early Thursday morning.

Reps. Andy Harris, a Republican from Maryland, and Colin Allred, a Democrat from Texas, were separated by an unidentified congressional staffer to prevent the pair from coming to physical blows. It is unclear what exactly prompted the altercation.

The incident reportedly began while Rep. Conor Lamb, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, delivered remarks from the House floor condemning the violence.

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“All people need to know, all they need to know tonight, Madame Speaker —” Lamb managed to get out before an off-screen brawl interrupted his remarks.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi repeatedly tried to call the chamber to order. “There’ll be order in the House! There’ll be order in the House!” she said, sternly banging her gavel, before finally commanding, “The gentlemen will clear this chamber.”

The dispute comes after Wednesday

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