Lawmakers Just Voted To Give FULL Health Benefits To Illegal Immigrants!


Get ready to get outraged, if you’re not already by reading the headline.

California lawmakers recently agreed to let illegal immigrants be accepted into their state’s Medicaid program, which offers full health benefits to the poor and disabled.


How can liberals be so crazy and stupid?

We can imagine the conversation before the decision went something like this:

Should we take steps towards ending the immigration crisis affecting our taxpaying law-abiding citizens?

Nah, how about instead we give FULL HEALTH BENEFITS to illegal immigrants?!

That’ll really show Trump. 

Who cares that it will be our own legal civilians paying for it?

Nevermind that the vast majority of hard-working U.S. citizens don’t even have full healthcare and have to pay a lot out of pocket for just partial coverage!

Check out this angering display of government idiocy that hit Twitter:

Democrat-Controlled California To Give Taxpayer-Funded Health Care To Illegal Aliens In Gavin Newsom’s

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