Law School Dean Accidentally Reveals Every Student’s Bar Exam Scores

Law School Dean Accidentally Reveals Every Student’s Bar Exam Scores

The dean of a South Carolina law school has apologized for accidentally sending an email that revealed bar exam results for every student, the Associated Press reported.

University of South Carolina Law School Dean William Hubbard told the student newspaper that in his excitement to pass along the information that 82% of his students passed the exam, he forwarded the message without realizing attachments containing all individual test results, the AP added.

“It was totally an accident, an accident I deeply regret,” Hubbard told The State newspaper. “I’ve sent a personal email to every one of those students, and I’ve had an email dialogue with some of them and some phone conversations and plan to make myself available to any student who wants to meet.”

Bar none: The dean of South Carolina’s largest law school apologizes for forwarding an email that contained the names of students who failed the exam to become a lawyer and the confidential bar exam grades of every student. #odd

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The names and results of students who take the bar exam, the test required to become a lawyer, are never to

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