Lauren Boebert Is Set to Co-Chair the Second Amendment Caucus

Lauren Boebert Is Set to Co-Chair the Second Amendment Caucus

The Wuhan virus has thrown many things out of whack over the last year. One of the most notable has been the purchase of firearms in states nationwide. When regular gun control measures weren’t enough, states and cities took advantage of the pandemic’s disruption to delay lawful individuals’ right to bear arms.

Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms cited cases in Illinois and Philadelphia where many Americans have seen their rights delayed due to local and state governments refusing to process concealed carry and gun permit applications in a timely manner..

Even pro-gun states such as New Hampshire have also been host to delays. The state’s Gun Line system, which processes background checks for all handgun sales, has been clogged up due to increased demand. At least, that’s what the state’s Department of Safety reports. The Department of Safety presides over the Gun Line and it claims that changes to the system have been made and they’re optimistic that potential

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