Launch of Crypto Banks Imminent, Says OCC Chief Brian Brooks

Launch of Crypto Banks Imminent, Says OCC Chief Brian Brooks

Comptroller of the Currency Brian Brooks says the advent of crypto banks is just around the corner.

In an interview with Forbes, the head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) reveals that there are a few crypto firms beelining for the Trust Charter with the OCC in order to provide crypto banking services.

Brooks has historically been friendly toward the crypto world, notably ruling that banks could custody Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their clients.

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In his interview with Forbes, Brooks stresses the need to balance banks’ ability to service their clients’ digital asset needs and to maintain current levels of government regulation and oversight. This balance, Brooks believes, will imminently involve crypto banks.

“The point is, it is important both for entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their companies and for customers who don’t want to be deprived of access of something to get across a state line that we have a single

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