LAPD Reps Blast Hollywood For Anti-Police Rhetoric At Oscars

LAPD Reps Blast Hollywood For Anti-Police Rhetoric At Oscars

The few Americans that watched the Oscars would have noticed the torrent of anti-police rhetoric (sans Tyler Perry) offered by some of the presenters and award winners. In response, reps for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), who were among those guarding the event, issued a sharp rebuke of the industry for perpetuating hatred against law enforcement.

“In response to Sunday night’s anti-police speeches, the Los Angeles Police Protective League’s (LAPPL) Board of Directors told Fox News that more than 450 people have been shot in L.A. in 2021 so far – up 73% year-over-year – and the ‘overwhelming number of those shooting victims were young Black and Hispanic men,’” reported Fox News.

The board of directors specifically called out the Oscars for not mentioning the names of these young men gunned down so early in their lives.

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“[Y]et no one heard about this carnage at last night’s Oscar production,” the board of directors told Fox News. “There won’t be any protests

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