LA Times Calls for ‘De-Trumpification,’ Reckoning for Trumpism

LA Times Calls for ‘De-Trumpification,’ Reckoning for Trumpism

In a Wednesday op-ed, the Los Angeles Times called for the initiation of wide scale “de-Trumpification” and the shunning of exiting Trump administration officials who are described as “arsonists fleeing a wreckage they’ve made.”

The essay, penned by University of California-Irvine law professor and former U.N. Special Rapporteur on free speech David Kaye, questions how Trump administration officials and appointees, including “the shameless liars, the sycophants and the cynical enablers in Congress who knowingly sacrificed their reputations to support this president” are to be held accountable after the end of President Trump’s term later this month.

Though exiting political appointees have traditionally landed at prestigious institutions, with some becoming experts in the media, keynote conference speakers, memoirists with book deals, and others running for office or working for the public interest, these should not necessarily be available to former officials of the Trump administration, according to Kaye.

“Not so fast,”

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