Koala Rescued from Australia Bushfire Dies After Samaritan Gives Him ‘Silent Killer’


A wildlife rescue shelter in Australia is working to educate the public on an important way to help koala bears without accidentally causing them harm.

Arnie the koala bear has become one of the many faces of wildlife that have been displaced, destroyed, or in left in critical condition as the Australian bushfires continue to rage.

Arnie was rescued by a good Samaritan from an area near Victoria’s East Gippsland, Daily Mail Australia reported.

Arnie’s situation initially seemed optimistic, as he suffered only minor burns to his hands and feet.

But sadly, Arnie the koala bear died from a health complication that had nothing to do with his singed fur or burned feet.

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Arnie died from aspiration pneumonia, the result of a seemingly kind deed at the hands of the person who rescued him.

Animalia Wildlife Shelter explained that a simple drink from a water bottle can

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