KNOWLES: Why The Left's Arguments About Gender Make No Sense


On Wednesday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show,” Knowles debunks progressive talking points regarding gender and sex, establishing the truth behind the terms. Video and partial transcript below:

Gender is not a scientific term. Gender was a term that was never applied to human beings in popular culture until about the 1960s. Gender was a term that was applied to language. You have gendered language, not so much in English, but in other languages. So, for instance, “Latino” has a masculine gender. Latina has a feminine gender. “Pizza,” the Italian word pizza, it ends in an “A” and it’s got a female gender. “Pranzo,” which is the Italian word for lunch, it ends in an “O” and it’s got a male gender. Gender is a language term.

The entire purpose of the left making gender into a description of people is to undermine science. It’s to separate sex from gender. You hear this all the time. I talk to

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