KLAVAN: We’ve Already Forgotten

KLAVAN: We’ve Already Forgotten

It wasn’t September 11, 2001, that made me a political conservative—a believer, I mean, in the intentions and philosophy of the American founding. I had already seen into the lie of leftism by the time the Islamic terrorists hijacked our jets and attacked. But the reaction of our cultural elite to those acts of mass murder convinced me I could not keep my conservatism silent.

I had been living out of the country for years before that. I had not fully realized how drastically wrong our culture had gone. The first shock of realization came from comedian David Letterman, then the host of “The Late Show” on CBS. As I recall it, Letterman took a few days off after the atrocity. When he returned, he spoke about trying to come to terms with what had happened.

It was either then or soon after that he asked a question that would become common among left-leaning celebrities, academics, and commentators: Why

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