KLAVAN: Leftist Rioters Don’t Understand Real Life

KLAVAN: Leftist Rioters Don’t Understand Real Life

After months of burning down American cities, beating innocent business owners half to death, and terrorizing private citizens in their suburban homes, the Marxist Left is shocked to find that such behavior might generate a violent response from some people. Kyle Rittenhouse, who traveled into Kenosha from his neighboring home city when riots threatened to level the Wisconsin town, is charged with killing two rioters after one pretty clearly pulled a gun on him. No one of good will wants to see our cities devolve into mob rule and vigilante justice. But there are consequences for physical violence, and if the state won’t enforce those consequences then it’s a pretty sure bet that private citizens will start to do so.

If you brutalize people, things are going to get ugly. This should be “conflict 101” — heck, it should be “real life 101” — which tells you something about the wannabe mobsters currently parading our streets. They don’t actually have

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