KLAVAN: Gaslight Nation

KLAVAN: Gaslight Nation

Fearing that Donald Trump may lose in November and the presidency may go to whoever Joe Biden chooses as a running mate, I’ve been brushing up on my left-wing reasoning so I can get through the next four years without being thrown off Twitter.

Let me see if I have this right. 

Speech is violence. Silence is violence. Violence is mostly peaceful.

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Ninety percent of black Americans who are murdered are murdered by murderers who are also black, so we need to defund the police because white people.

It is absolutely fatal to attend a Trump rally, but perfectly safe to go to a riot.

It is perfectly safe to have a massive funeral for a dead Democrat congressman, but absolutely fatal to gather ten relatives to bury your grandfather.

Trump is a monster to want to reopen the economy, but the fallout from the economic shutdown is his fault.

Trump calling for law and order in Democrat cities

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