KLAVAN: An American Turning Point

KLAVAN: An American Turning Point

In 1976, Ronald Reagan lost a tough nomination battle to then sitting President Gerald Ford. It looked like Reagan was finished. He was already 65. The consensus opinion was that he’d be too old to try again by the time 1980 rolled around.

But Reagan knew the truth: fate isn’t fashioned by consensus. According to historian Lee Edwards of the Heritage Foundation, he wrote to a supporter: “Going on with what God has given us, confident there is a destiny, somehow seems to bring a reward we wouldn’t exchange for any other.”

And famously, when he spoke to his disappointed staff, he quoted an old Scottish ballad in which a fallen warrior tells his soldiers:

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“Fight on, my men…

I am wounded but not slain.

I will lay me down for to bleed awhile,

Then I’ll rise and fight again.”

I know that many conservatives are dispirited now. Many are resting their hopes on overturning the election results by

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