Kindhearted Teenager Is Building Free Desks for Kids in Need

Kindhearted Teenager Is Building Free Desks for Kids in Need

As people started working from home, they worked at tables, on couches and sitting in bed. Much like students.

And, much like students, many of them have realized that it can be very difficult, uncomfortable and distracting to work in a space that was not designed for concentration.

While most home offices have been well-established by now, with the start of school, many people have faced the issue of not having a designated area for their child to “do school.”

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“Stores weren’t open,” Brooklyn-based parent educator Katherine Hill told People. “People hesitated to buy something for a situation we all hoped would be very temporary.”

While Hill said using the kitchen table for a brief period of time when a child needs assistance is useful, she noted that procuring a desk is “a concrete thing parents can do to feel like they’re helping their kids get ready for school.”

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