Kind of a big dill: Pickle.Finance TVL exceed $347M in 4 days

Kind of a big dill: Pickle.Finance TVL exceed $347M in 4 days

Food-related DeFi projects have slowly taken over crypto in the last quarter, with many of these projects suffering from contentious issues, like the Uniswap fork, SushiSwap’s vampire attack, and the market dump of $13 million worth of Ether (ETH) by lead developer Chef Nomi

Then there’s the infamous Hotdog DeFi meme coin which dumped 99.9% hours after listing. These quick pump and dump style projects have the capacity to give DeFi a bad name but taking a closer look at the list of food themed projects reveals that not all of the offerings are rotten. 

On Sept. 11 a new project called Pickle Finance emerged from a pantry stuffed with food-themed DeFi tokens. The project works like other popular DeFi protocols that reward users who provide liquidity with high interest and additional token rewards. 

To date, the project has accrued more than $347 million in total value locked and one of the primary liquidity pools is offering up to

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