Kim Clement’s “Pandemonium in the White House” Prophecy…Now Fulfilled?

Kim Clement’s “Pandemonium in the White House” Prophecy…Now Fulfilled?

There wasn’t anyone like Kim Clement.

The more we learn about him the more we realize he was prophesying the future sometimes multiple years in advance.

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That seems to be the case with this latest one, a relatively new tape that many had not seen before.

It feels to me like it’s reading from our daily newspaper headlines.

But it was May 2014!

Absolutely incredible.

I thought this video was excellent and had to share it with you.

I know how many readers we have that love Kim Clement and I think you’re going to love this new video just as much as I did.


And I have a backup for you to watch safely here on Rumble if needed:


If you want even more, you have to watch this video from Trey Smith.

He covers the same portion in so much more detail.

If you don’t know Trey, you’re in

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