Killer whales orchestrating revenge attacks on boats off Spain

Killer whales orchestrating revenge attacks on boats off Spain

Forget Jaws — this time it’s personal … for orcas.

Killer whales off the coast of Spain are living up to their name, but instead of targeting great white sharks, pods of fish or seals as they have done in the past — they’re now after people and boats.

Several scientists think the killers of the deep are attacking yachts and boats due to injuries several of them sustained over the summer from rudders, according to The Guardian.

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There have been at least 33 of the bizarre attacks in northern Spain, in the Strait of Gibraltar and off Portugal since July, in which the orcas surround small craft and deliberately ram the ships’ rudders, and attempt to tip them over. The attacks have caused severe damage — and in some cases, disabled the ships.

The problem has become so severe authorities are warning small craft not to sail in those seas.

“The trigger for this strange and aggressive behavior

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