KHAN: 6 Minority Voices Pushing Back On Leftist Narratives

KHAN: 6 Minority Voices Pushing Back On Leftist Narratives

The prevailing narrative in America at the moment is that immigrants and minorities must support the Left wholesale. If they don’t, we’re told, they are supposedly betraying themselves and their community. Those with the courage to buck the trend are often derisively labeled traitors, vilified with racist pejoratives, or accused of being “white on the inside.” Such pronounced vitriol in today’s hostile political environment is occurring now more than ever.

The truth is that so many of the progressive ideals that have come to define the Left are diametrically opposed to the values of countless immigrants and minorities. The Left has become almost “valueless” as they continue to deconstruct morality, faith, and tradition into oblivion. Conservative ideals, on the other hand, not only echo traditional moral and religious values but also rational and reasonable ones the Left abandoned long ago as it goes further off the deep end, embracing critical race theory and decrying “toxic masculinity” and “privilege.”


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