Kayleigh McEnany Delivers Beautiful Tribute to Rush Limbaugh

Kayleigh McEnany Delivers Beautiful Tribute to Rush Limbaugh

It’s been a rough week following the death of beloved conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh.

Many leftists and Hollywood celebrities have taken it upon themselves to speak ill of Rush.

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There are plenty of heartfelt tributes being written and spoken of him though.

Former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany took it upon hersolf to deliver a heartfelt tribute to Rush, both on social media, as well as in an op-ed for Fox News. 

McEnany spoke of listening to Rush as a young girl in truck rides with her father, and how that eventually turned into listening to him in her own car as she grew up.

She praised Rush for his constant pursuit of the truth, and for the inspiration he was to her, and to tens of thousands of other “Rush Babies.”

McEnany said this of Rush:

“Rush inspired tens of thousands of young men and women all across the conservative movement.”

“Though Rush has departed this life for

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