Kamala’s Aides ‘Panic’ After Biden Assigned Her To Solve Border ‘Challenge’: Report

Kamala’s Aides ‘Panic’ After Biden Assigned Her To Solve Border ‘Challenge’: Report

A new report indicates that aides to Vice President Kamala Harris may have felt “panic” after President Biden instructed Harris to focus on issues dealing with the southern border.

In late March, Biden tapped Harris to lead the administration’s effort “to tackle the migration challenge at the U.S. southern border and work with Central American nations to address root causes of the problem,” the Associated Press reported at the time.

Biden announced Harris’ assignment on March 24, saying that Harris was “the most qualified person to do it, to lead our efforts with Mexico and the Northern Triangle, and the countries that can help, need help in stemming the movement of so many folks, stemming the migration to our southern border.”

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“Needless to say, the work will not be easy,” said Harris. “But it is important work.”

While Harris publicly accepted the “challenge” with confidence, CNN reports that her aides appeared to have been in a “panic”:

After the announcement, Harris’ aides appeared to “panic,”

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