Kamala Harris to Multinational Corporations: Invest in Guatemala!

Kamala Harris to Multinational Corporations: Invest in Guatemala!

Vice President Kamala Harris is asking the chief executives of the world’s largest multinational corporations to invest in the country of Guatemala.

During a speech in Guatemala on Monday, Harris urged corporate executives to make investments in the region to help President Joe Biden’s administration drive down illegal immigration levels that have exploded since he took office.

“I will also continue to work with CEOs around the world to encourage investment in Guatemala. And, Mr. President, I look forward to working with you on that,” Harris said:

As I shared with you in Washington, D.C., I recently convened some of our biggest CEOs who have a profound interest, for many reasons, on supporting the work that happens here and the work that can happen here in Guatemala to, again, uplift folks who may have been overlooked or neglected, but also uplift the natural capacity and resources of this

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