Kamala Harris Promises Faster, Perpetual Amnesties

Kamala Harris Promises Faster, Perpetual Amnesties

President Joe Biden’s amnesty bill will try to accelerate the conversion of amnestied migrants into U.S. voters, according to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

“We’re going to reduce the time from what is now, what has been [in prior amnesty legislation] 13 years to eight years,” Harris told Univision, a Spanish-language TV station January 12. She continued:

We’re going to be tightening up the whole process for green cards, and making sure that we give people a very defined period of time, from the time that they actually apply for a green card through the time of obtaining citizenship.

The current law says that people who win green cards can become citizens and vote in just five years. Prior legislation also set a multi-year delay — around eight years — between an amnesty and the receipt of green cards.

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If Congress were to approve a seven-year gap between green

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