Kamala Claims Rural Americans Don’t Know How to Use a Copier

Kamala Claims Rural Americans Don’t Know How to Use a Copier

If there is one thing we love about the Left is their heightened sense of superiority. Behind the smiling, and in Kamala Harris’s case, cackling, is a deep disdain for people that don’t hold their progressive views.

It wasn’t very long ago that Biden called anyone who had questions about the vaccine “Neanderthals”. Funny how that “Neanderthal” thinking has been confirmed by the endless reports of complications with multiple vaccines.

Just stretch your memory a little further and you can hear Hillary calling conservative Americans “a basket of deplorables” as if it were yesterday.

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They think we’re all ignorant and that’s why they feel entitled to condescend to hard working, intelligent Americans on a daily basis.

The thing about the Left is that they can’t hide their disdain for free thinking Americans. Try as they might, the truth of their feelings will always come out.

Twitter exploded today as footage of yet another Kamala Harris interview was released.


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