Kaepernick Has a Plan for Police and It’s Very, Very Bad

Kaepernick Has a Plan for Police and It’s Very, Very Bad

Colin Kaepernick has published a manifesto, and like most manifestos it’s replete with rehashed leftist ideas, pseudo-intellectual mumbo-jumbo and a remarkable amount of dishonesty.

In his Marxist missive on Medium, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and anthem kneeler calls for the complete abolition of police as well as prisons since they cause “uninterrupted death” to black and indigenous peoples. Oh, also, they’re core components of “anti-Black state violence and terrorism.” I had no idea benefiting from state-imposed affirmative action was terrorism.

Kaep’s essay, which may have been cobbled together by multiple writers (notice the differing uses of “centered on” versus “centered around”), bristles with allegations of anti-black violence on the part of law enforcement, claims of “Black death all around me at the hands of the police,” and Kaepernick’s inexplicable surprise that prisons are designed for “social control.”

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(Of course they’re designed for social control. Throughout history, societies have

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