Justin Bieber Accused of 'Cultural Appropriation' for Having Dreadlocks

Justin Bieber Accused of 'Cultural Appropriation' for Having Dreadlocks

Pop star Justin Bieber debuted a new hairstyle on social media: dreadlocks. And it didn’t take long before news outlets noticed and reported on the tsunami of social media users accusing the pop star of “cultural appropriation.”

Late Monday, Page Six published a story, titled, “Unfortunately, Justin Bieber’s controversial dreadlocks are back.” By midday Tuesday, Yahoo!, The Guardian, Fox News, The Independent, CNN and other outlets the same — proof that the drip of blowback over Bieber’s dreadlocks had turned into a full-fledged flood of social media outrage.

“Justin Bieber under fire for cultural appropriation as he debuts dreadlocks on Instagram,” reported The Independent.

“Justin Bieber accused of cultural appropriation over hairstyle,” reported The Guardian.

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Yahoo! published a story, titled, “‘This is so wrong’: Justin Bieber called out for cultural appropriation after posting dreadlocks photo.”

Bieber posted several photos of himself on Instagram sporting dreadlocks. In one photo, the singer

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