‘Justice’ Some Antifa and BLM Rioters Are Headed to Prison

‘Justice’ Some Antifa and BLM Rioters Are Headed to Prison

It’s mind-boggling how there are entire congressional commissions being created to review the events of January 6th.

Yet, not a single bipartisan investigation is being assembled for the over $2 BILLION in damages caused by the riots in 2020. Entire cities have been decimated by violence and damage as a result of rioters.

George Floyd Riots Caused Record-Setting $2 Billion in Damage, New Report Says. Here’s Why the True Cost Is Even Higherhttps://t.co/bHwwUcykGV

— David (@David51541879) July 22, 2021

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In case we forgot the type of terror that was inflicted during these riots…

Elderly man defending store during Kenosha riots has jaw broken https://t.co/HUHKBpCiug pic.twitter.com/wA85Vvg3Gm

— New York Post (@nypost) August 27, 2020

More than 15 people died during these “protests” and yet for too long, they have gone unpunished.

Meanwhile, those that were present on January 6th have been held in solitary confinement and charged.

They’ll let these looters and killers go but cosplayers at

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