JUSTICE: Portland Antifa Thug Indicted For Brutal Assault!


One of the Antifa hooligans involved in the violent clash that happened in Portland June 29 has been indicted on multiple charges of assault!

During the Portland protest, Antifa members beat up several people and sent 8 to the hospital, including conservative journalist Andy Ngo.

The man being charged, Gage Halupowski, was specifically involved in arguably the most gruesome, horrific act of violence that happened during the bloody assault.

A police officer has testified that Halupowski was one of the Antifa thugs involved in savagely beating Adam Kelly – a man who was trying to stop Antifa from beating up another man – from behind with a baton, resulting in deep, bloody lacerations on the man’s head.

The attack on Adam Kelly was caught on video then shared on Twitter here:

CONTENT WARNING: Police have declared a civil disturbance after a violent brawl broke out between left- and right-wing protesters today. Video by Sergio

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