Jussie Smollett Still Won’t Give Up on Infamous ‘Hate Crime’ Hoax

Jussie Smollett Still Won’t Give Up on Infamous ‘Hate Crime’ Hoax

There’s nothing that could possibly induce Jussie Smollett to take an iota of responsibility for allegedly setting up the most infamous “hate crime” hoax in recent memory.

We’re almost 20 months out from the incident that derailed Smollett’s career.

He hasn’t been convicted in a court of law, mind you, but it’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which Smollett was the victim of anything other than one of the most inane and manipulative publicity stunts ever.

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Yet, in an interview with former CNN commentator and academic Marc Lamont Hill, the former “Empire” actor insisted he was the martyr here.

According to Fox News, the interview was conducted Wednesday on Instagram.

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“What happened in these last two years, it has humbled me in a way that nobody could possibly understand,” Smollett told Hill.

“Out of all these jokers in this entire situation, I am the

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